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Entertaining and informative look at the Detroit sports world with host Joe Yashinsky. We'll touch on other topics as well, and bring in a merry-go-round of guests, all of which will have something interesting to say.
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Mar 20, 2018

Despite lofty expectations, Tom Izzo's Michigan State Spartans were bounced from the NCAA Tournament over the weekend. What went wrong? Who is to blame? Harold Shelton of the Big Ten Network joins the show to break it all down. Plus, could miracle-man Jordan Poole and the Michigan Wolverines possibly dance all the way to a national championship? A can't-miss episode!

Mar 14, 2017

Before you fill out your bracket for the 2017 NCAA Tournament, be sure to check out today's show with Harold Shelton of the Big Ten Network.  Harold and host Joe Yashinsky preview the first round matchups for Michigan and Michigan State.  Also, the guys ponder if a run to the Final Four in Phoenix could be in the cards for any of the teams from the Big 10.  The full college hoops landscape is discussed, from Miles Bridges' future NBA status to why so many would-be Wolverine seniors keep transferring to new schools.  Harold and Joe offer possible upset picks and who they see cutting down the nets at the end.  Do not miss this ultimate Big Dance breakdown! 

Feb 1, 2017

Who better to dissect the game of basketball with than 1975 NBA Finals MVP and Hall of Famer Rick Barry?  Rick is going to be coaching in the new BIG-3 basketball league this summer and gives us plenty of insight into this exciting new development.  We discuss LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and the current state of the NBA with superstars only preferring to play alongisde other top players.  Rick has some surprising thoughts on the subject.  We jump into the Andre Drummond free throw situation and why it is that certain guys show no interest in really getting better.

Finally, Rick breaks down the game of his youngest son, Canyon, and why he just might be the next member of the Barry clan to join the NBA ranks.  (He shoots his free throws underhanded, like Rick, and is one of the most accurate charity tossers in the country).

It's a jam-packed hoops episode of One Seat Over with the one and only Rick Barry!

Dec 7, 2016

The college football regular season has come to a close, so why not dial up regular guest of the One Seat Over podcast, Mr. Harold Shelton of the Big Ten Network.  Harold recaps his time in Indianapolis for the conference championship game, and why the game's victor lost out (for a playoff berth) to a team that didn't even qualify to be there.  Host Joe Yashinsky also wonders why Michigan can't seem to figure out how to utilize Jabrill Peppers on offense, and Harold tries to explain the fascination with shrimp cocktail in downtown Indy.  It's always a good time in the One Seat Over studios when Harold Shelton pays a visit, so turn up the volume and enjoy today's Big Ten sports full-court press!

Nov 30, 2016

The baseball off-season is about to really get cooking, and we are lucky to have Detroit Tigers play-by-play man Dan Dickerson join us to talk about it all.  On today's program, Dan talks about the experience of being in the stands for Game 7 of the World Series between the Cubs and Indians.  We also discuss possible moves for the Tigers this winter.  Who could be on the trading block?  Does it make any sense to move Ian Kinsler?  Who does Dan think could be the ultimate sleeper for the Tigers in 2017?  Lastly, with college basketball season in full swing, Dan talks about the busy schedule he will have coming up calling UDM Titans basketball at Calihan Hall.  It's always a fun and informative discussion One Seat Over when Dan Dickerson is in the house.  Enjoy the show!

Oct 5, 2016

It's the 2016 Detroit Tigers year-in-review with longtime TV voice of the team, Mario Impemba.  Mario hits on all the highlights of the summer, and details why the Tigers wound up falling just short of a post-season berth.  We take a little trip down memory lane, reminiscing about Tiger Stadium and who Mario's favorite hometown player was growing up in Detroit.  We finish the show with a playoff preview, and find out just how casually Mario dressed during his time spent on the radio side this season.  It's a fun-filled, all-baseball episode featuring Mario Impemba, a pro's pro whose voice represents one of the sweetest sounds of summer.     

Aug 31, 2016

College football season is finally upon us!  Harold Shelton of the Big Ten Network joins the show to deliver the inside scoop on all things Michigan and Michigan State.  


What are the expectations for the Spartans entering 2016 after an appearance in last year's College Football Playoff?  And will Tyler O'Connor follow in the footsteps of former MSU QB's (Stanton, Hoyer, Cousins, Cook) and play well enough to earn future NFL status?


What about Jim Harbaugh and Michigan?  Why is everyone making such a big deal about their association with the "Jumpman" logo?  Is Jabrill Peppers a legit Heisman candidate?  


Harold and host Joey Yashinsky bring the heat on these topics and many others.
Settle in for a jam-packed 2016 College Football Preview!

Aug 24, 2016

Jeff Riger from 97.1 the Ticket is One Seat Over today as he and host Joe Yashinsky tackle a host of hot-button topics.  First, Jeff lets us know how it's been having a new baby and whether it's cutting into his sports-watching hours.  Then the guys tackle an issue that's become quite relevant of late; the battle between football coaches and the media.  Jim Harbaugh, Mark Dantonio, and Jim Caldwell have all had dust-ups in recent weeks.  Why does this keep happening?  Jeff gives some ideas why, and also details what makes a coach "media-friendly."  The show winds down with some good, old-fashioned baseball trivia courtesy of the apocalyptic 1990s Detroit Tigers.  

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a lively episode of One Seat Over with 97.1's Jeff Riger!

Jun 7, 2016

George Blaha has been on the call in Detroit for 40 years.  Piston basketball, Spartan football, countless commercials; he is the voice of our city and we are so very lucky to have him One Seat Over today.  George offers many wonderful anecdotes, like the time he flew to LA just so he could meet the man he calls "the greatest broadcaster of his lifetime," Vin Scully.  Listen as George talks about the Pistons recent return to the playoffs, and the encouraging future for the club going forward.  So settle in for a healthy dose of Blaha, a true pro and one of the friendliest gentlemen you'll ever come across in the sports world.  

Mar 15, 2016

A jam-packed March Madness edition of One Seat Over with the Big Ten Network's Harold Shelton!  Host Joe Yashinsky and Mr. Shelton break it all down.  Does Michigan State have what it takes to get Tom Izzo title #2?  Is Zak Irvin the exact same person as Lester Abram?  Why is Charles Barkley on the NCAA Tournament selection show?  And is it possible that Rutgers will get banished to a mid-level New Jersey high school league after their horrifyingly ineffective two years of hoops in the Big Ten?  All that and much more as we get ready for another wild basketball journey through the month of March!

Mar 4, 2016

Greg Kampe has been head coach of the Oakland University basketball team since 1984.  And here in 2016, he might just have his best team yet.  Coach Kampe joins us in advance of the Horizon League tournament to discuss how to stay sharp during a nine-day layoff, why he schedules so hard in the non-conference, and why you wouldn't wear a suit and tie to go on the treadmill.  Kampe is one of the more quotable figures in the coaching world today, and it was terrific to have him One Seat Over.

Feb 4, 2016

The final episode of our weekly Barry Family series, and we might have saved the best for last!  Scooter Barry, a pesky point guard that helped Larry Brown and Kansas win the National Championship in 1988, joins the show to rap on a number of subjects: one-and-done players in the college game, what it was like growing up with the world's best basketball player for a dad, and SolidShot, the innovative new wearable technology company that might wind up being Andre Drummond's best friend.  Scooter has one of the brightest basketball minds around.  Enjoy today's brand new episode of One Seat Over!

Feb 3, 2016

The Week of Barry marches on, this time with NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry.  Rick is super-passionate about a host of basketball-related topics, and he shares many of those with us today.  Listen to find out how he came to perfect the underhanded free throw motion, and which hoops-related myths are out there today.  A fantastic episode of One Seat Over starring the one and only Rick Barry!  Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the conclusion to Barry Week, with eldest son Scooter.  He's got a new wearable technology company that could change the game completely!  

Feb 2, 2016

Today's episode kicks off Barry Family Week on the One Seat Over podcast.  Our first guest is Canyon Barry, youngest of the Barry clan, and currently a star hooper at College of Charleston.  Canyon is currently shelved for the year with a shoulder injury, but he'll be back next season with an eye on a possible NBA future.  Relevant to Detroit and the Pistons, Canyon shoots his free throws underhanded, like father and Hall of Famer, Rick. Does Canyon think it'd be wise for Andre Drummond to adopt this old-school technique to get his percentage up??  Take a wild guess.  Enjoy the wise-beyond-his-years Canyon Barry on today's episode of One Seat Over, and look for the Rick and Scooter Barry shows later in the week!

Jan 4, 2016

Harold Shelton kicks off 2016 on One Seat Over with a full breakdown of all things college sports.  We discuss Michigan State's destruction at the hands of Alabama in the Cotton Bowl, Connor Cook's NFL prospects, and the surprisingly quick turnaround at Michigan by Jim Harbaugh.  Harold also talks about the injury to Denzel Valentine and why it could be a good omen, drawing an interesting parallel to the 2000 MSU championship season. Saddle up and enjoy a fun-filled podcast beginning to the year 2016!

Dec 3, 2015

Today's episode features Jeff Riger, longtime radio personality at 97.1 The Ticket.  Jeff and Joe rap on all things Detroit sports, from the title chances of Michigan State to the true grade of Jim Harbaugh's first year at Michigan.  Jeff also discusses how so many Lions' losses have driven him to laugh wildly when they get blown out in games and why the team's fan base is the most tortured in pro sports.  Tigers' free agency is given its day in the sun and Jeff details what needs the Tigers should still look to fulfill.  Last, Jeff participates in "Step Right Up" to see how many quarterbacks he can name from the winless '08 Lions and which Detroit athlete he was never thrilled to be interviewing.  All that and more on this episode of One Seat Over!

Nov 19, 2015

We are joined by Harold Shelton, a top researcher from the Big Ten Network, and formerly of ESPN.  Harold drops knowledge on the MSU/Kansas clash, Denzel Valentine's pro prospects, and why Michigan State fans might have reason to be optimistic heading into Saturday's showdown with Ohio State.  Later in the show, Harold talks about being starstruck meeting Magic Johnson, whether the Big Ten will ever change its name, and just how many Die Hard movies have been made to this point.  It's a terrific second episode of the show, and you'll leave a smarter college sports fan than when you entered.  Enjoy!

Nov 12, 2015

Tigers' radio voice Dan Dickerson joins the program to discuss his off-season routine, the incomparable Vin Scully, and how injuries really plagued the 2015 Tigers.  Dan also offers his thoughts on this winter's free agency frenzy and which players the Tigers might target.  Lastly, we play a rousing round of "Step Right Up," where we find out which movie Dan must watch every time it's on, even though he might not want to admit doing so.  Enjoy!